1. Truly eco friendly packaging is the need of the hour.
    I am glad Soul is taking steps in the right direction by going completely echo friendly option. All brands must learn from Soul ??

  2. I just loved it how you have reused each and every packaging..we have a bed side book stack as well of cardboard ..and storing those sarees is an awesome ideas btw teaser pic of sarees were too tempting would love to see your collection

  3. Shell

    I also love to reuse and repurchase packaging…. I try to teach my children to produce the least amount of waste as possible…

  4. A few years ago, I made LOTS of drawstring bags out of Christmas fabric for our presents. This was mostly because I didn’t want to keep using paper year after year, but it also makes wrapping SO MUCH EASIER! I usually buy two rolls of wrapping paper- one for presents from Santa and one for the family, but after that’s gone, it’s all they get.

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