1. thelattemom

    Not a tea drinker here. But your extensive review is very helpful and i have to recommend it to my tea drinker friends. Thanks for info about the product and the brewing process.

  2. I love the way the market is making things easier for expectant and new-mom. Your post is a great insight on this caffeine free tea. Would it relieve acidity in a non-lactating, non-pregnant mom too! (I only qualify for acidic here!!)

  3. Mala

    Wow I never knew coffee can be of this variety. I connect those ingredients with tea, but never coffee. I am assuming it’s okay to consume even when one is not breastfeeding?

  4. I am not a tea enthusiast, but i know the benefits of leave tea. At times when I find it really difficult to manage stress or head ache, I pull out my reserve and have a cup of green tea. Next time I ll be out to restock I will consider the moms co tea

  5. Disha Bhandari

    The moms co teas have caught my attention since the day they were launched. This review helps me make my decision Priyanka. Thank you

  6. I really loved the way you reviewed this product providing extensive details of the ingredients. I really like 2 points here, one, it’s caffeine free and two, it’s lactation enhancing. However, I am not a tea person but would love to try it as I am still bf-ing my 20 months old.

  7. Oh I love this tea! It’s the flavours that I enjoy the most! And the box is so pretty too. I’m sure I am going to reuse it later for something else. And you’re so right about it calming you down. I think I will continue drinking it even after I stop breastfeeding 😛

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