1. You are night ! rice makes an integral part of our diets and I love the sound of this brand because we keep trying different rice brands to find our prefect rice ❤️

  2. Blossom hulsure ( startmoms sharvi)

    This sounds very interesting especially the variety. I would love to try some masuri range here. I think this rice is quite reasonably priced considering wada kolam packed rice is more than 500 a kilo on shelves

  3. I love rice. I can’t survive without a serving of rice per day. Even when my dietician told me I’d have to quit rice to lose weight I gave her a piece of my mind and actually proved to her that eating rice doesn’t make you fat. I lost 12 kgs with out eliminating rice. Haha. That apart i love the packaging and so many varieties exist. I must check them out.

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