1. Faujimom

    I loved reading the interview.. Her journey is so inspiring cuz like us she is a mom who made something out of passion without her past qualifications.. Wishing her the best.. Will check out her page n her products

  2. This is so awesome. I got to know Misha when I did product review for Anga Tatva. She is. Very down to earth soul and the sincerity with which she is doing her work, no doubt 2018 will open new doors for her and Anga Tatva.

  3. Loved reading every bit of it .. She is an inspiration for all moms. You have captured her journey very well .. Not only loved Misha’s answers but also your questions 🙂

  4. Misha is a sweetheart and truly an inspiration. Wish her more success in the coming years. Ang-tatva surely is a revolutionary brand in the field of organic skin care and given to Misha’s vision and dedication, it is bound to reach newer heights.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this blog! Love Misha’s inspirational story. Love her mantra/advice for budding entrepreneurs. Because I have recently started planning on some new projects…so her Mantra has inspired me more to keep going on this new path.

  6. Ananta

    I am very well aware of ang tatva since its been making waves on social media. To put a face behind the brand and read about this inspirational journey is top!

  7. Kavita Singh

    The lady is fierce, talented and absolutely fun to talk to. I have used Ang tatva products and they are amazing. I loved reading this and loved to know a bit more about her 🙂

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