1. These are some great ways.. Specially the board game, cooking and activity boxes.. Those activity take time and kids learn to be patient doing one thing at a time

  2. This is a very thought out list of activities to keep the kids busy during vacations. I am eagerly waiting for my kids to grow up patient enough to sit in one place and enjoy board games. Theres still a couple of years to that.

  3. These are some brilliant ways to keep the kids happy and engaged during summer vacations. I was also thinking to try these activity boxes. Thanks for sharing!

  4. With a growing toddler, I am.also on a lookout for activities to keep him.engaged. situation becomes tough to handle as I have a full time job as well. So this post is really comprehensive one to try on for me. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Amitoj Kaur

    Love the idea of board games and book clubs. Board games were a hit during my childhood. Will try them with my son too.. Thank you for reminding..

  6. I have a toddler and activity boxes works for best.. I personally love board games and they are one of the best ways I find to keep kids engaged

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