1. A child is its own best guide ..they are naturally inclined and develop an interest but do need to venture and try out new stuff as well..loved the tips given esp todays time when kids are over loaded we need to keep these tips in mind for selection

  2. Rashmi

    Great tips.. for the first year and more I don’t remember buying any toy, what we had were mostly gifted.. my child has always been inclined to things other than toys.. utensils, water paper etc.. n I let him play with these..

  3. Children have such a strong intinct and inclination towards things that if we follow those then it won’t be a struggle for parent to decide which toy to buy, if the child will okay with it or not. What we need is observation and involvement in their activities.

  4. Buying toys for kid is not easy . And i agree with all points made. It feels so good when your kid enjoys and plays with the toy chosen. I personally love buying open ended toys for my kid

  5. Ananta

    Sometimes its so easy to hoard up on toys and honestly some toys are just lying around. Thanks for the pointers, it really puts toy ahopping in good perspective

  6. Amrita

    These are very helpful tips to help choose toys.I liked how you stressed on the age of the child .Age appropriateness is important to keep them safe and help them learn.

  7. Kavita Singh

    Well written post. I too feel overwhelmed when it comes to the selection of toys for my kiddo. I am going to keep these points in mind, next time I plan a visit to a toy store.

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