1. Hey priyanka, this post is all a new CDing mom needs to read. Simple, to the point and extremely helpful.

    Thanks for joining us in this blogtrain. Absolutely loved your write up.

  2. So rightly said,after discovering cloth diapers it took lot of study & research for me to get that right fit and only then the leaking stopped. I wish there were articles so easy to read and understand then…thanks for sharing it

  3. Heera Mallik

    Hey, this is a good read for all new moms who want to start cloth diapering. I just want to add on a point which I experienced through this journey. Poop stains are not really tough, they have some chemical in them which makes the stain go away when sun dried on the line. So do not scrub them too hard to make the stain go away. Just put them under the sun ☺

    • thehappymumma

      True. Stains are caused when the baby is on vitamin supplements and they go away whilst you sundry them

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